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Affogato 101: How to create the perfect dessert.

In honour of International Coffee Day on 1st October, we’ve decided to share our tips for making every coffee connoisseur’s favourite dessert: the affogato. It may sound fairly simple to recreate in theory but just a few wrong moves could leave you with a dish resembling ice cream soup. 

Choose your weapons

Any affogato can be improved by using top quality coffee and a world-class ice cream. We’ve got you covered on the ice cream front but a little research may be required to find out which blend best tickles your taste buds. We can’t get enough of Mt Atkinson Coffee, made by our neighbours at The Tannery. Whatever coffee you choose, brew it just before serving – the fresher the better!

Affogato essentials

Once you’ve chosen your favourite blend, the next thing you need to do is scoop your ice cream into a glass and pop it into the freezer until sufficiently chilly. This is a crucial step as it’ll prevent the ice cream from turning into a soup the moment the coffee is poured over it!

Real affogato aficionados are great at getting the coffee to ice cream ratio right. Although the word ‘affogato’ literally means drowned, that’s actually the last thing you actually want to do to the ice cream! As a guide, use about two tablespoons of espresso per scoop.

Get creative

Don’t be afraid to play around with flavours. Looking to add a little sweetness to your affogato? Use a scoop of our Salted Caramel or Dark Chocolate ice cream. True coffee lovers will love the strong taste created by our Flat White and Arabica Coffee flavours.

To create an affogato that is truly ‘gram-worthy, add a dash of your favourite liqueur and a crumbling of amaretti biscuits. Don’t forget to tag us in your snaps: @kohu_road



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