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About Us

A blend of European and Asian culture and tradition with an unrelenting pursuit of excellence is the foundation of Kohu Road. We embrace the ideals of sourcing the best ingredients and then showcasing them for the pleasure of all. Here, the art of Japanese cuisine marries perfectly with the luxury of Italian and French style and sensibilities. Kohu Road Ice Cream presents you with a grand compliment to your fine taste.

Greg Hall

Established by New Zealander Greg Hall in 2007 after a fifteen year journey across the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Asia and Japan and three years of recipe development here in New Zealand, Kohu Road Ice Cream is most often declared simply “The best ice cream I have ever had”.

While the world has embraced a revolution in the way we perceive and appreciate wine over the last thirty years we are all new to the parallel changes ice cream is now going through. Not long ago, to many New Zealanders, wine was no more than white or red and came in a three litre cask. Few would have thought of wine fridges and cellars in the home back then. We believe that if you treat our ice cream like a fine wine with attention to the temperature and consistency, the experience will be thoroughly satisfying, the dinner party a resounding success or the meal “capped off” perfectly.


Simple. The modern world movement towards slow food, organic produce and simple clean flavours is a new trend that in-fact takes us back to the origins of food. Before chemical companies sought to expand their influence, before chemicals, everything was organic. Pesticides, herbicides, emulsifiers and preservatives exist, perhaps, because of the corporate drive for greater profit. Chemical flavours and empty calories are the bane of modern food.

Our philosophy is to “revel in simple pleasures”.

Take the intoxicating aroma of a pinot noir or single malt; the liquid hasn’t past our lips, but the smell… take a deep breath. We seek to keep food true. With like minded people and producers we lead a movement away from food as science toward the growing number of natural, healthy and simply delicious products available in quality delis, grocers and farmers markets around the country.

A key part of our philosophy is also our connection to nature, keeping food and ingredients as natural as possible. Needless to say our commitment to the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is unwavering. As many ingredients as possible are sourced fresh from local suppliers and naturally we conserve power and water and do not use toxic cleaners or sprays.